Material Symphony | Kinuta Terrace

Kinuta Terrace in Tokyo features assorted Kvadrat upholstery and curtain textiles, as well as Kvadrat rugs. Located in a quiet residential area, the renovated premises comprises 36 maisonettes and a verdant courtyard with a 100m garden passage.

Harmonious materiality and connection with nature characterise the concept for Kinuta Terrace, which incorporates interior design, landscaping and custom-made furniture. This nuanced approach makes for clean yet relaxed and warm living spaces.

The natural materials and calm notes of the Kvadrat textiles and rugs resonate with the other materials at Kinuta Terrace. They also create a subtle gradation and dynamic with the landscape outside: as light streams through the trees and into the living spaces via large windows, the rich materiality of the designs is illuminated.

Key pieces at Kinuta Terrace include a sofa designed by architect Keiji Ashizawa upholstered with Steelcut Trio 3, and sofas designed by Norm Architects covered with Memory 2 and Twill Weave. The curtains are made from Ginger 2, while Kvadrat rugs Aram and Kanon introduce a further dimension of tactile materiality and comfort.

Photography by Jonas Bierre Poulsen

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