Interior: Studio Alexander Fehre for most of the interior, Wulf Architekten for the building and some interior elements

Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany



Textiles: Uniform Mélange and Remix 2

Space Capsules | Bosch HQ

Studio Alexander has chosen the textiles Uniform Mélange and Remix 2 for custom designed capsules and furniture at the Bosch AS headquarters. Originally constructed for predecessor ZF Lenksysteme, the building has been repurposed as a development campus, following the takeover by Bosch.

Each of the eight floors at the Bosch headquarters features three capsules situated at the apexes of the building. These, together with various furniture pieces, are clad with Kvadrat Febrik's Uniform Mélange for haptic and acoustic reasons, and also because the textile creates vibrant colour contrasts, while Remix 2 was used on the seating in meeting areas.

Outer sides of the capsules integrate recessed niches that provide additional space for small communication zones. All the capsules offer an engaging view of the surroundings, while some incorporate a table and others a bench seat.

The interior concept focuses on inviting, open-plan spaces in place of traditional office structures. It aims to deliver an inspiring world of colour, using the green notes of the surrounding landscape as a starting point. Variations on this theme individualise each floor.

Studio Alexander Fehre, “Kvadrat Febrik is a very reliable partner for us. We are keen on experimenting with textiles and materials during our design process, and we know Kvadrat Febrik will always help us with manufacturing details and proof of feasibility. Kvadrat Febrik  is a strong benchmark for office and public projects.”

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