Daniel Uribe, Francisco Nicolas and Ortiz Leon Architects

Shanghai, Cina


Upholstery textiles: Field, Canvas, Steelcut Trio, Clara and Atom.

Sublime Dining

On the site of a former warehouse in Shanghai’s AUNN’s creative hub, different food and beverage concepts are united under one roof. Each brings an individual eye to the use of natural materials. A selection of Kvadrat upholstery textiles at Bonica, La Mezcalaria, Loggia, and the La Barra VIP lounge play their part in bringing the architects’ visions to life.

The upholsteries are specified on seating, banquettes, and built-in furniture. They create a welcoming, vibrant yet unpretentious dynamic and complement the different material palettes on offer at the fine-dining concepts.

The architects specified many pieces of custom furniture at the fine-dining venue. They considered this approach essential to achieve the goal of integrating reclaimed wood and other ’imperfect’ materials that age elegantly.

Reflecting this, the fine-dining venue features a selection of furniture created in collaboration with Matzform. These are upholstered with assorted Kvadrat textiles in a scale of subtle, sophisticated tones.

Specifically, at Bonica, chairs and benches are upholstered in Field and Steelcut Trio while a sofa is covered in Canvas. Meanwhile at Loggia, cushions on a custom bench that runs around a tree are crafted with Field. Elsewhere at La Mezcaleria, Steelcut Trio is employed on benches and Clara is chosen for the chairs.

Kvadrat textiles are also employed on elements that are not designed by together with Maxform: Atom is specified on built-in furniture in the VIP lounge.

Daniel Uribe: “Kvadrat textiles offered great material options for this project - because we used materials in their most natural state and materials with a lot of texture. We needed fabrics with depth in their design to complement the textures of these materials. And we also wanted designs beyond flat colours that invite you to look closer and discover intricate motifs and details.

The design of the building focuses on seamless integration. It creates a seamless relationship between the interior and exterior spaces and the different concepts, which share spaces and views. For instance, they are all connected by an atrium, which allows for the different zones to be filled with natural light.

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