gmp von Gerkan, Marg and Partner architects

Tianjin, China

Upholstery textile: Steelcut Trio

Tianjin Grand Theatre

Kvadrat textiles have been specified by gmp von Gerkan, Marg and Partner architects for the seating in the Opera Hall and the Concert Hall, at the Tianjin Grand Theatre. The 85,000 square metre Grand Theatre occupies a key position in the newly built Culture Park of Tianjin, which includes Tianjin Museum, Natural History Museum, Sunshine Park, Civic Square, Zhonghua Theatre and Science and Technology Museum, as well as an art gallery and a library. The circular roof of the Grand Theatre corresponds with the existing Museum of Natural History so that an architectural dialogue of an earth-bound and a ‘floating’ circular volume is created at the park. This reflects the fundamental role that earth and sky play in Chinese philosophy.

The seating in both halls is upholstered with a custom-made version of Steelcut Trio, which is made from Trevira CS instead of wool. A brown shade has been chosen for the 1600 seats in the Opera Hall. A navy blue tone has been selected for the 1200-seat Concert Hall. In total, 3880 metres of fabric was used.

The collaboration with Kvadrat has been very successful. The technical support they provide allows us architects to
find ideal solutions, even though it is not what could be called ‘standard’.

The customer service Kvadrat delivers is as professional as the timely delivery of their goods. I would be delighted if I encountered such professionalism more often from foreign companies operating here in China,’ Matthias Wiegelmann, Dipl.-Ing. Architect, Director

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