Rockwell Group, New York

New York, USA

Upholstery textiles: Divina Melange

Untitled Restaurant

Kvadrat textiles have been chosen for the chairs in the Untitled restaurant and cafe at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

Untitled has been designed by the Rockwell Group in partnership with acclaimed restaurateur Danny Meyer. To complement the mid-century-modern architecture of the Marcel Breuer designed building, the cellar-level eatery offers an uptown take on the traditional diner with streamlined furniture and features.

The 300m2 space includes simple white oak tables and room dividers, two-tone chairs and custom metal lamps. Felt-backed white oak benches line three sides of the space and long communal tables fill the interior. Importantly, all the furniture and fixtures can easily be removed for museum events.

All furniture is upholstered with Divina Melange: their fronts are in a reddish brown tone and their backs are in a dark grey shade.

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