Q: Do the Solid Textile Boards come in different sizes?
A: The boards only come in one size 1,1x3 meter

Q: Do the Solid Textile Boards have different thicknesses?
A: The boards are always 7,6mm thick

Q: Are the Solid Textile Boards water-resistant?
A: We cannot recommend to apply the Solid Textile Boards in areas with a lot of water, like out-door, kitchen and bathrooms. By treating the surface with varnish or melamine, and the edges with either varnish or a hardening white-pigmented oil, the boards can be sealed off to a certain level

Q: How is the return process of used Really products?
A: Really materials are designed for circularity. By agreement, we can take back larger quantities of used products, recycle them into new products, and return them to the client

Q: What happens to a Really products that is no longer usable?
A: The boards can be re-grinded and used for production of new Really boards

Q: Why is the core in the Solid Textile Board white?
A: The core is white because a lot of white post-consumer textile is available from hospitals, hotels and other larger facilities

Q: How is the strength of Solid textile board compared to MDF boards?
A: The strength of the Solid Textile boards are almost the double of MDF, and the stiffness a little higher than MDF. The Cotton versions of Really boards are stronger and stiffer than the woollen versions

Q: How many kilos of textile is used for creating one Solid Textile Board?
A: The weight of one boardis 8,7 x 3,3 =29 kilo (overlays is 1,5 kg, core 7,2 kg) a t-shirt weighs about 0.29 kilos, this means that about 100 t-shirts are used for one board