Anne Boysen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Autumn 2021

Boysen used Solid Textile Board Melamine in Cotton White and Cotton Blue.

To celebrate the launch of Solid Textile Board Melamine, Really collaborated with architect and designer, Anne Boysen to create the Really Module, a modular display unit made entirely out of Solid Textile Board Melamine.

For this piece, Boysen found inspiration in architecture, featuring clean lines and strong graphic elements, the design is simple, yet playful. The modular design offers endless configurations for a range of uses, aligning perfectly with Really’s mission of circularity. With built-in drawers and shelving, the modules can be used for storage, for display or simply as a tabletop.

Throughout the entire design process, Boysen wanted to highlight the unique qualities and strengths of the material. Clean cuts, seamless bends, applying fittings, and drilling without fraying all illustrates how the material performs using industrial methods of processing. This makes it a widely applicable material, whilst also challenging the design and architecture industries to rethink their use of resources and to design their products or projects with a circular economy in mind.

“By using upcycled textiles in the Really boards, the material becomes truly unique. That is what i like most about the material: each board tells its own story, has its own aesthetics.”

Anne Boysen, Architect MAA.