Our rugs are handmade and made-to-measure. Characterised by outstanding craftsmanship, meticulous attention-to-detail and tactile structures, they reinterpret classic techniques in a contemporary light.

Well-known for reviving long-lost production methods and for recognising the beauty of the handmade, we collaborate with trained craftsmen to produce pieces that will stand the test of time and the rigours of everyday life.

Crafted from finest materials by the world’s best weavers, our rugs last for years and years. Throughout their long life, they transform the experience of commercial and residential spaces.

Jute and Wool is a rug that has been designed and crafted to be responsible in the use of resources. It adds jute, a new material composition with high environmentally-friendly credentials in our rug collection. As the jute and a part of the wool are left undyed, less dyestuff, water, and energy are used.

Hand-knotted and richly haptic, the original Lavo rug is a distinctive design characterised by shifting depths of colour that give it a multi-dimensional feel. Crafted using the same artisanal Persian knot, Lavo 2 extends the existing colour palette with seven new neutral shades.

A sense of space

A rug can be the difference between a cold space and a cosy room; between a hard edge and a heart-warming aesthetic; between a house and a home. Tactility is one of the most important aspects of a rug. A rug that is warm, soft and textured gives comfort. An expressive and symmetric rug can anchor a room by creating a static image, while a sober pattern can carry the promise and potential of human creativity and interaction.


Tufting is done either by machine or by hand. For hand tufting, a tufting gun is used to create all manner of patterns and shapes. Machine tufting is restricted to straight-line patterns, but enables the use of all types of yarn. At Kvadrat we use both machine and hand tufting. 


Weaving combines two different yarn systems: warp and weft. The warp yarns run lengthways and the weft yarns run widthways. Weaving is a traditional technique and can be done by hand or produced industrially. The majority of all Kvadrat woven rugs are made by hand.


Knotting is a traditional method in which the pile yarn is fastened to the base. We use a contemporary way of knotting by joining long pieces of yarn to another, using a special knot. All Kvadrat knotted rugs are made by hand.