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Kvadrat rugs are hand made and made to-measure. Characterised by outstanding craftsmanship, meticulous attention-to-detail and tactile structures, they reinterpret classic techniques in a contemporary light.
Due to the hand made process and the intensive detailing involved in the making of our rugs, and because a lot of our hand crafted rugs are produced in India and Nepal, production times can vary from time to time. As a quick ship service, we have therefore selected ten of our bestselling rugs in a choice of colours and sizes to be available from stock.


Created through a combination of manually and mechanically spun yarns, Bold represents a union of past and present with its fusion of techniques and subtle irregularity.

Distinct and recognisable thanks to its distinct process of twisting, then hand-dyeing yarns so that the colour never completely penetrates the core of the yarn, Bold is an assured presence in any space.


The Persian hand-knotted rug Cascade occupies a space between pattern and structure, and offers extraordinary colour depth. This property comes from combining materials that express hues in subtly different ways – wool, silk and linen – as well as a washed finish and a rich pile.


Guided by the idea that contrast can and should be complimentary, Duotone’s elegance derives from its apparent simplicity. Using only two colours – one for the weft and one for the warp – shades which might otherwise be in opposition, are combined with varied densities of yarn to create a unique identity.

Duotone’s soft yet distinctive palette has received a recolour that lends new depth to colour pairings ranging from sulphate blue to coral. Its signature muted irregularity is paired with what Hella Jongerius describes as “the most simple flat-woven basket construction; the archetype of weaving” — a nod to Hallingdal, Kvadrat’s iconic basketwoven textile.

Combining quiet intricacies of colour and texture, Duotone offers a powerful statement that never overpowers.


Fringe is constructed by weaving brightly coloured wool yarns with two different shades of grey – a charcoal and a lighter smoke colour. The result is by turns bold and understated, as the primary colours fuse into monochromatic blocks.

The raw grey tones are evident at the edge of the design in a tactile, long fringe, which gives the rug its name. ‘The fresh colours and the fringed construction make this a happy fit into the home,’ comments Paris-based designer Daniel Costa.

Fringe is woven by skilled weavers from India.


The Hemp kelims are unique handwoven pieces, each of them with its own history. Composed of antique segments, every Kinnasand Hemp is an authentic unique piece which combines the quality of its original material with a puristic design and the power of tradition.


Kanon is a hand knotted, hand woven rug, that fuses different contrasting colours, materials and techniques into one harmonious expression. It features an extremely short, hand sheared pile characterised by simple elegance. The rug’s subtle differences in pile height, tactile velvety feel and contrasting flatweave are completed by a dense woven border. Kanon comes in a colour palette which reveals extraordinary, timeless colour combinations, ranging from strong to more subtle shades.


The design of Merger is inspired by colour blocking techniques. In this playful, fresh design, two tone-on-tone colours are juxtaposed on a light or dark base, creating a lively and uplifting colour-block effect. The differently sized colour blocks contain the diagonal texture and add a sense of balance and harmony to the design.

This is a special and outspoken rug that is well suited to bold and sophisticated settings. Its distinctive twill, with the colours meeting at different directions and angles, creates a tactile slightly ribbed surface. Merger is made from New Zealand wool on a cotton warp.


Semis is an exercise in dots and tactility, the result of two years of intense research by Paris-based designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Geometrically aligned and placed in different rhythms by varying the densities and heights of the rug’s knotted surface, the resulting visual effect is one of an abstract landscape, an aerial view of plantings in a field.

There are two designs available, one featuring small dots and the other large dots, and there is a choice of two colourways, black and white in both positive and negative variations. The four rugs offer a range graduating from predominantly black to a mostly white surface.

Made from handspun Tibetan wool, the construction of Semis is time consuming, using the fine – yet remarkably strong – Tibetan knotting technique. For a 200 cm wide rug, three weavers will work together and complete up to 7 cm a day. After being knotted, the rug is washed and trimmed with scissors. The intentional irregularity of the cut edges creates a beautiful random surface with a handmade touch.

Vintage Naturally Coloured Fringes

Vintage is a unicoloured, hard wearing kelim, hand woven with fine woollen yarn. The rug’s nuanced colour gradations, which have an abrash character, are created by treating the dyed wool with a special washing technique. It is available with same coloured, cross coloured and naturally coloured fringes, and without fringes. The colour palette has a natural expression, rotating from timeless sun-bleached notes towards more saturated colours, inspired by natural dyes and spices.