For almost 200 years, Sahco has defined exquisite taste and superior quality in the world of textiles and interiors. Founded in 1831, since 2018 Sahco has been owned by Kvadrat.

Under Creative Director Bengt Thornefors, Sahco is at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards and defining an interior landscape of rich textures and striking design for today and the future.

Past - Sahco heritage 

Founded in 1831 in Southern Germany, Sahco was built on generations of family’s knowledge of the textile trade. The company´s founder, together with his son, specialized in importing fine carpets, silks, and upholstery fabrics from both France and the Far East.

By the end of the Twentieth Century, Sahco had worldwide distribution emanating from its new headquarters in Nuremberg and its showrooms in Paris, London, Milan, and Munich.

In May 2018, Sahco was acquired by Kvadrat, one of the world’s leading design textile companies based in Denmark. 

Present - Sahco Creative Director

From 2022, Swedish born, Bengt Thornefors joined Sahco as Creative Director. Having extensive experience from his nine years as a Senior Designer at Acne Studios in Stockholm, Bengt has also worked as Senior Designer & Artistic Consultant for YSL Saint Laurent, during the tenure of Hedi Slimane as Creative Director.

Thornefors founded Magniberg with Nina Norgren, a florist and graphic designer in 2016. Magniberg takes its directions outside of the boundaries of sexes; a meeting between expressions of the modern world; playing on contrasts; breaking rules and classical norms.

Future - Sahco Maison 

We will keep building the Sahco Maison by honoring the company legacy while filtering the brand's distinctive aesthetic with a modern perspective - risqué, wild, unpredictable.  The textiles will encapsulate controversy,  being super-feminine, soft and beautiful yet dark, enigmatic, and dangerous.

The Sahco universe will be one of contrasts - classical and super modern, soft and hard, comfortable and radical. It will evoke something emotional, feelings that will resonate with many different people. Sahco will embark on a boundary-breaking quest for perfection, experimenting with contrasts to find beauty in balance.