The Steelcut collection explores new expressions of the archetypal woollen upholstery Steelcut. It comprises three textiles crafted to offer exceptional durability, precision, and colour depth: Steelcut 3, Steelcut Quartet and Steelcut Beat. All elements of the collection feature optimistic hues created by Giulio Ridolfo.



Each design in the collection has its own personality, while all textiles share the iconic Steelcut construction, originally designed by Frans Dijkmeijer. The tactile, three-dimensional surface resembles small pyramids or steel points.

Despite their complex construction, the Steelcut textiles are distinctively simple in expression. However, at the same time, they are vibrantly multidimensional. They reveal a play of colour nuances, as the viewer´s position or light changes. 


At Kvadrat, Ridolfo brings a warm, southern sensibility to the cool clarity of Nordic design. His role is not only to propose colours, but also to go deep into the design and manufacturing process, understanding and changing the way colour is embedded in textiles through yarn structure. Ridolfo’s colour creations are born from the poetic vision and continuous iterations that enable him to capture colour atmospheres in textiles.

In his work, Giulio Ridolfo gathers and juxtaposes small fragments of real life in the form of images, colour, pattern, and texture, similar to a patchwork quilt. As a result, he adapts the "colour vibes" into usable palettes without losing their original vibrant characteristics.

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Steelcut Beat

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