We commit to mitigating climate change, in adherence with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal 13, Climate Action. Through decarbonisation, we embarked on the road to reduce our carbon emissions towards net-zero across our supply chain. 

Our long-term goal is to reach net-zero by 2040. To achieve our target we will work towards eliminating carbon emissions from all our own operations and across our value chain, including purchased goods and services, upstream transportation, and business travel. We will support this with a move towards circular systems that offer take-back and product lifetime extending services on many of our ranges.



Our targets



We will achieve a 50% carbon reduction in scope 1-2 by 2026, reaching 100% by 2030 (baseline 2019)​



We will reduce 30% of emissions by 2030 in scope 3 to become net zero in scope 1-3 by 2040 (baseline 2019)​



We will provide EPDs for all products that generate 70% of our revenue by 2026


Our 2023 performance highlights


Higher transparency in our decarbonisation journey  

In 2023, we have achieved a significant milestone of securing 10 third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for a total of 93 of our textile products. Additionally, Kvadrat Acoustics and Kvadrat Really respectively obtained 3rd party verified EPDs for their products. EPDs facilitate informed decisions in our decarbonisation efforts and empower customers to make choices that resonate with their sustainability values. This achievement serves as a testament to our commitment to openness, transparency, and environmental accountability throughout our manufacturing processes.  

Towards energy efficiency and renewable sources 

In 2023, our onsite solar energy production increased by 1%, now comprising 5.7% of our global renewable energy consumption. As part of our commitment to minimise the impact of our production processes, in collaboration with our main production partners, we transitioned to renewable energy sources like locally produced steam from forest biomass and expanded onsite solar panels. This shift, alongside energy-efficiency initiatives, such as enhanced dye vessel insulation to minimise heat loss, and replacing old dyeing and finishing machines, significantly reduced energy consumption.  

Kvadrat Sustainability Report

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Conscious Design

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