In it together 

Kvadrat has an especially close relationship with several partner suppliers. These trusted companies produce most of our textiles and play a vital role in assisting our business. Subsequently, the way they operate and their position in local communities and landscapes is an extension of our own sustainable and social values

Building on European heritage

Kvadrat’s long-standing relationships with Gaudium in The Netherlands, Innvik in Norway and Wooltex in the UK have, in recent years, become even more significant: Not only do we make our textiles here, we also own a share of the businesses. This means that Kvadrat is invested in the future development of these manufacturers and we work together with them to achieve shared goals.

Although each of our excellent ‘partner suppliers’ has different manufacturing skills and a different heritage, they share our commitment to sustainable and efficient methods of production and play a significant role in their local economy and community, much like we do at our Headquarters in Ebeltoft, Denmark.

Kvadrat Weaving

Based in Gelderland in The Netherlands, Kvadrat Weaving is a modern manufacturer that specialises in the production and weaving of synthetic fibres. Here, innovative yarns such as Trevira CS are turned into high-performance textiles.


Innvik, in the mountainous Nordfiord area of Norway, has over 125 years of experience in the production of high quality wool textiles and is especially skillful at producing custom made designs.


Wooltex is based in Yorkshire, the UK, in an area synonymous with textile production. Here, generations worth of knowledge are applied to an evermore-efficient wool production process.