The Triple Folly embodies a harmonic approach in every detail of the structure. Envisioned as a ‘total artwork’ uniting different forms of art and design, the building creates a cohesive experience for visitors. Working closely together, Thomas Demand and Caruso St John architects co-developed the interior’s defining features, including surfaces, chairs, tables, lamps, and even the door handles.


By entering the `hat´, visitors will interact immediately with a vast wall artwork: Yes but. Presented for the first time in 2006, at Museum Ludwig in Cologne, the installation was part of a retrospective of the works of renowned contemporary artist, Rosemarie Trockel.


The immersive artwork Yes but by Rosemarie Trockel was purchased to be displayed at the HQ, and the ‘hat’ of The Triple Folly was made to fit the work seamlessly. We have supported Rosemarie Trockel in the creation of the art piece by supplying raw wool. The white wool yarns were then dipped to varying degrees in bloodred paint, and suspended from the ceiling, creating an internal space characterized by high acoustic comfort. The threads are interrupted by a series of cut-out windows that invite the viewer to enter inside.


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