Typologies unfolds the diversity and potential of the Residential collection and draws attention to exciting new viewpoints. Classified as four styles with matching interior scenarios and colour concepts, Typologies illustrates how shifting perspectives can reinvent the familiar.

The Purist. The Eclectic. The Optimist. The Metropolitan.



The Purist

Timeless, Natural, Simple, Essential, Calm, Nordic, Gentle, Easy, Subtle, Light



The Purist embodies a conscious, balanced, and down-to-earth atmosphere, in line with nature.
In this concept, beauty lies in simplicity and forms a general principle for life which goes beyond mere aesthetics.

The Purist’s consistent mood focuses on calm essentials and is inspired by the serene landscapes of northern regions. Textiles, such as curtains and rugs, are made from regenerative materials like linen, wool, organic cotton, or hemp, providing a refined and sensory touch.



The natural colour palette includes white and beige hues like sand, chalk, stone, and earthenware tones. The neutrals include soft greys reminiscent of pebbles, basalt, and ash and can be enhanced with a tint of unobtrusive colours like sage, pale sky blue or faded red clay.

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The Eclectic

Curated, Tactile, Coexistence, Revive, Surprising, Contrast, Multifaceted, Curious, Style Mix, Paradox


The Eclectic is a multifaceted mood that embraces diversity and culture, creating a unique and dynamic space.

The Eclectic atmosphere is the result of mixing and matching. Coexisting elements from the past and present of cultural eras like mid-century craft or cool modernism, merge seamlessly to create a harmonic yet surprising and versatile style.


Textured plain and patterned curtains in diverse materials, either natural or matte and slightly shimmering, are complemented by expressive rugs. The colour palette is multilayered and tends to be muted rather than bright. Strong contrasts from light-to-dark and warm-to-cold set the tone.

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The Optimist

Active, Dynamic, Vibrant, Refreshing, Open-minded, Contemporary, Playful, Colourful, Vivid, Bold


The Optimist is an open-minded, lively, cheerful atmosphere.

The Optimist has an inviting, vibrant, progressive style that combines iconic designs with a contemporary approach. Modern art, graphics, and photographs add a creative and playful note that brings a sense of joy to everyday living.


Colourful rugs are combined effortlessly with plain curtains and curtains with geometric patterns. The interplay of narratives, materials, and colours provides a fresh breeze that creates a light, airy feeling within the space. Colours are essential in this style. Fresh, bold, and energetic colour accents transform spaces into joyful canvases.

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The Metropolitan

Classic, Extravagant, Luxurious, Exclusive, Cosmopolitan, Characteristic, Noble, Sophisticated, Sensual, Elegant


The Metropolitan stands for a refined sense of style combining diverse cultures of urban life with an uncompromising attitude when it comes to quality.

This cosmopolitan atmosphere is characterised by a high attention to detail, comfort, and material traits. Dense, lustrous, or textured curtains with a voluminous and soft drape provide a sensual touch to the exclusivity and extravagance of this interior style. 



The colour palette includes jewel tones like light rose quartz, cool ruby, and blue sapphire as well as warmer, muted sunrise shades such as amber. They are complemented by soft neutral tones such as classic cream, pearl, or a tint of smoky grey or midnight black.

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