Braid by Karin An Rijlaarsdam

Featuring the delicate, organic irregularities reminiscent of natural surfaces, it might be a surprise to learn that Braid is made from recycled post-consumer polyester.

Designed by Karin An Rijlaarsdam focusing on creating sustainable designs with a positive environmental impact – the rug is inspired by braiding techniques, crafts and the landscapes of Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast where she is based.

It is the first design in the Kvadrat rug collection including recycled polyester.

Braid is made from braided ropes – one thick, one thin. The thick ropes are machine braided from 32 thin yarns in 4 different colours and divided into two subtly contrasting colour groups. The thinner rope exists of 8 thin yarns in two colour groups, matching one group from the thick rope.

The slimmer rope is stitched in a slightly wavy curve on the thick ropes which gives a beautiful irregularity to the design, they are then arranged as a spiral for the round rugs, or in rows for the rectangular design, before being stitched into place.

To finish, a fine rope is sewn around the rug and the border is refined with a 10 cm wrapping detail on the lower right edge or corner. The making of Braid results in minimal production waste thanks to its stitching technique.

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