Peter Adjaye

Peter Adjaye is a contemporary conceptual sound artist, specialising in cross-disciplinary collaborations. He is a musicologist, composer, DJ-producer and musician with a masters degree in Mathematics.

Adjaye’s work is currently exhibiting at Greenwich Maritime Museum. A new immersive 6 channel sound installation ‘A Proposal for Radical Hospitality’ was created in response to ‘The Armada Portrait’, the work traces the painting’s legacy of empire and the roots of the transatlantic slave trade.

He has also exhibited his unique sound art installations in many other prestigious locations, including, The Tate Modern, Design Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, Somerset House, Studio Museum Harlem, Whitechapel Gallery, Albion Gallery, The Science Museum, Nobel Institute and given talks at places such as Maaxi National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, The Architecture Foundation, Design Miami, Rough Trade to St Martins Art College.