Frans Dijkmeijer

Frans Dijkmeijer was born in the Netherlands in 1936. He studied at the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven, a school conceived in a similar manner to the Bauhaus, before working at Kendix textiles, becoming Head of Design at Artex in 1966 and then moving to de Ploeg textiles. In 1992 his relationship with Kvadrat was initiated, and he went on to create a large number of upholstery textiles for us.

Dijkmeijer is recognized as one of Europe’s leading weavers. In his work, he perceives materials, colours and textures as an organic whole. The harmony of the elements is fundamental to his designs. The scope of possible materials and weaving techniques were the greatest source of inspiration to Dijkmeijer. His studio was something of a laboratory and his strict processes became a science. A common characteristic of his woven textiles is that they radiate a logical simplicity despite their technical complexity.

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