A glamorous jacquard with a wet-look chintz finish, Brancusi has fluid swirls like a marbled paint effect. An homage to the French-Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi whose beguiling sculptures evoke rather than resemble their subjects, the textile is organic yet sleek. Hues range from cerulean blue, rose pink and twilight blue, to the neutrals, steel grey, warm taupe, ivory and pearl white. Fashion-inspired combinations of midnight rust and lemon sky play with the optical effects of mixing colours.



A semi-sheer with a crinkly surface reminiscent of a crepe, Fantome, is ethereal with the hint of a stripe and a powdery palette. Two types of alternating twisted polyester yarns are combined in the warp and weft to create subtle irregularities and imperfect lines. Colours are largely single tones, grey mist, pale yellow, marshmallow pink, snow white and sky blue through to the stronger hues, golden yellow, midnight blue and port red. For added dynamism, two are double dyed creating distinctive stripes of dark burgundy on brick red and charcoal on concrete grey.



A rich jacquard weave that looks embroidered, Mirari brings to mind Japanese forests, otherworldly and dreamy with Kimono-influenced colour settings. A sateen weave in the base gives it a subtle shine, while the textured outline adds depth and evokes the brocades of high fashion. An elegant voluminous drape, the fabric has a tightly edited palette of juxtaposed compositions of rose camel, lemon grass lavender and rose blue, a shimmery silver blue and buttermilk, and the earthy resonance of golden brown.



A moody sheer with an abstracted floral pattern, Puya plays with shadows and forms in nature. The dissolved pattern and visual imagery is inspired by the work of Dutch artist Viviane Sassen, renowned for photographs that disrupt perceptions of what is real or imagined. Created using the fil coupe shearing technique, the textile has a slightly slubbed base and textural character from the different yarns. When exposed to the light it throws its own dramatic shadow. Sakura pink, sun yellow, silver grey and golden beige reference a Japanese-influenced colour palette while black brings drama and pearl white clarity.


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