1800 Our story begins

Mr. Johnsson founds a weaving mill that produces textiles in Kinna, Sweden

1838 Sven Andersson takes the reins

Mr. Johnsson’s son-in-law takes over. The company starts to influence the entire Swedish textile industry.

1840's The Engdahls start a chapter spanning over a 100 years

The Engdahl family take control of the business – and they go on to run it for over a 100 years!

1873 The Kinnasand brand is born

Kinnasand is registered as the company name. Kinnasand is a shortened version of 'KinnaSanden'. 'Kinna' comes from the town, while 'Sanden' literally means the 'sand or ground of'.

1890 New factory, new looms

The industrialisation process begins with construction of our first factory building and introduction of the mechanical looms.

1960 We launch groundbreaking Novalin

We create and launch patented NOVALIN - the world’s first linen wall covering. We design a special machine to produce it. Kinnasand receives global acclaim.

1960's The era of the design house begins

The Engdahls convert their home – originally built in 1874 - into a design studio.

1970 A new collaborative chapter begins

Kinnasand begins to work with international manufacturers and designers as a textile editor.

1970's First upholstery textiles

Kinnasand starts to produce cottonbased upholstery textiles as well as clothing fabrics.

1980's Expansion and prints

Werner Hofmann expands the Kinnasand collection significantly, accelerating our evolution from a manufacturer to a textile editor. Meanwhile, printed and burnout textiles start to play a major role in our output.

1985 First handmade rugs

In 1985 we introduce our first collection of handmade rugs.

2004 Our headquarters move to Westerstede, Germany

Following a management buyout, Werner Hofmann relocates the company headquarters from Sweden to Westerstede where it remains today.

2006 Onwards new showrooms open

We open new showrooms across the world – these increase our international visibility and make our collections even more accessible to architects and interior designers.

2012 Kinnasand teams up with Kvadrat

Kvadrat acquires with Kinnasand, opening up new international horizons.

2017 Launch of Kinnasand LAB

Kinnasand LAB is an initiative by Kinnasand under the creative lead of Creative Director Isa Glink where she collaborates with external designers to give a new interpretation to Kinnasand textiles, innovate and develop new products.

2019 Kvadrat at Home launches

Kvadrat launches new residential focused venues in London and Paris where Kinnasand’s high-end offering is showcased.

Family home of the founders, later design studio

Bengt Gilbert, former director of Kinnasand, with his son in the mid 1970s

Immigrant collection, mid 1970s

Albatross 23 rug from end 1980s designed by Barbro Pettersson

Kinnasand headquarters in Westerstede

Kvadrat, Your glacial expectations by Olafur Eliasson and Günther Vog

Shield by Studio Wieki Somers for Kinnasand LAB