A Trifle of Colour – Yinka Ilori (United Kingdom)

The manner in which we sit shapes our bodies, but also exerts an influence on our thinking and behaviour. A Trifle of Colour, a seating system by London-based designer and artist Yinka Ilori, invites users to look at the chair as a social tool and to examine the role it plays in shaping human interactions. A Trifle of Colour is a chair-bench hybrid made with removable and adjustable backrests, inviting the sitter to decide the chair’s figuration and role for themselves. The installation itself is built from multiple layered sheets of ply-board, each of which is upholstered in a different textile and arranged in a cross formation. For the installation, Ilori chose to work with Kvadrat Febrik’s Sprinkles textile, praising the material for the variety of colours, textures and patterns it provides.