Bumpy Basket – Shigeki Fujishiro (Japan)

Constructed from textiles structured around a three-dimensional grid of ropes, Bumpy Basket is a series of containers whose uneven, undulating design helps the user appreciate and understand the material qualities of knitted textiles. Using Kvadrat Febriks’ Uniform Melange, Sprinkles and Apparel lines, the designer chose to focus on the creation of beautiful curves, which would be complemented by pared-back, abstract patterns. To emphasise the qualities of his chosen textiles, Fujishiro shaped them around a pinched rope lattice that provides each basket with a soft, regular structure.

Shigeki Fujishiro

Shigeki Fujishiro is a designer who sets out to create work that is elementary and universally appealing. He left Idée Co, Ltd in 2005 to found Shigeki Fujishiro Design and, alongside producing self-initiated projects, he has collaborated with brands such as Hermès, Nikon and Adidas. In addition, Fujishiro was one of 16 designers who participated in 2016/, an international project commemorating the 400th anniversary of Arita ware.