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Kvadrat Acoustics solutions offer you creative freedom for installation on any surface. They can be supplied prefabricated and installed on-site with Tracks. In practice, this means you can always meet your specific design vision - and the fire and building regulations for your project.

Pre-fabricated Soft Cells panels installation

You get a versatile choice of installation systems for walls and ceilings with prefabricated Soft Cells Panels: Magnet Mounting, Flex Magnet Mounting, Steel Wire Suspension, and Hinge/Push latch ceiling suspension.

Whatever installation system you choose, the frames are detachable. Consequently, you can gain easy access to building services without having to remove the panel fully. The panels include a patented tensioning mechanism, which ensures they are unaffected by temperature or humidity for many years.

On-site Tracks installation

Tracks is a system installed on-site with PVC-free profiles for easy mounting and dismounting for walls. This approach ensures that the profiles always fit the walls perfectly. It also brings you a high degree of flexibility, making it easy to make adjustments to suit updated measurements and needs. Tracks are currently only available in certain markets.

*Tracks are installed by our highly trained teams in the US, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the UK, who are happy to advise on mounting and the necessary substrate(s).

Installation systems for pre-fabricated solutions

Pre-fabricated Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics use a versatile installation system. The frames are fully detachable and offer easy access, without having to fully remove the panel.

Magnet Mounting

For walls with 55 mm between front of panel and installation surface.

Steel Wire Suspension

For suspended ceilings with minimum 110 mm between front of panel to installation surface. Ideal when extra space is required between panels and ceiling structure.

Flex Magnet Mounting

For walls and ceilings as an adjustable solution with 55 mm between front of panel and installation surface. Flex magnets are placed with an offset from panel edge to limit visibility of fixing.

Linear Magnet Mounting

For ceilings and walls with 55 mm between front of panel and installation surface. Linear magnet includes a slide stop functionality and provides an easy process for positioning panels.

Hinge/push Latch Suspension

For ceilings and walls with 55 mm between front of panel and installation surface. Allows for access behind panel without the need for deinstallation or safety wires.

Torsion Spring Suspension

Used in modular suspended ceiling layouts with a minimum of 155 mm between front of panel and installation surface. Provides easy access behind panels by allowing for quick release and hinging of individual panels and does not require safety wires.

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Our solution includes personalised support from initial consultation to installation. This combines local insights, architectural expertise and other advantages and efficiencies of Kvadrat’s global network.