Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Shanghai, China


Kvadrat Acoustics solution installed on walls and ceilings comprising Soft Cells Aesthetic and Soft Cells Broadline acoustic panels upholstered with Field, Pro and Casa.


Fine arts

The new Shanghai Library incorporates a Kvadrat Acoustics solution installed in different spaces on several floors. The award-winning building, a floating monolithic structure, is in the Pudong district.

At the library, Kvadrat Acoustics Soft Cells Aesthetic acoustic panels that are primarily installed on ceilings are specified alongside Soft Cells Broadline panels on the walls. Together, they introduce saturated colours - Field in red, yellow, and green tones, Pro in deep Blue, and Casa in grey - that characterize the interior concept.

The Kvadrat Acoustics solution comprises 930 acoustic panels that contribute towards shaping the ideal acoustic environment for concentrating, education, collaboration and enjoying the arts. It works to transform the experience of rooms dedicated to reading, meetings, learning, recitals, listening to music and watching films.

In addition, the Kvadrat Acoustic solution also meets the requirement for acoustic panels with precise custom openings. The Soft Cell acoustic panels seamlessly integrate fixtures such as projectors, lighting systems, smoke sensors, cameras, and sound equipment.

Chris Hardie, Design Director/ Partner, “The Kvadrat Acoustics solution is a perfect combination of art and technology. It brings a professional acoustic experience to the space, a nice-looking appearance, and a comfortable tactile feeling.”

Lin Jing, Senior Associate, “We use Kvadrat Acoustics Soft Cell panels in some of the meeting rooms, learning commons, and music rooms because we want to create a quiet and comfort acoustic environment in those spaces. Also, we like the rich colour options from Kvadrat, which help us build the character of the space.” 

Shanghai Library has been recognized with a China Green Building Three Stars award and the China Construction Engineering Luban Prize. The main volume is carved and twisted to reflect the surrounding park and sky, and is clad in a facade of clear, insulated, fritted glass.