Taipei, Taiwan region


Custom-made Casa: Kvadrat Acoustics solution comprising Soft Cell Broadline panels featuring cut-outs

by courtesy of DESFA GROUP

Big idea

Cooler Master has translated the 'maker spirit' that underpins their high-end PC brand into the design language of a modern working environment, which harmonises technology and craftsmanship. A museum-like space in the reception integrates a Kvadrat Acoustics solution in the ceiling that features exceptionally large custom Soft Cells panels that enhances the acoustic performance. 

The Kvadrat Acoustics solution ensures excellent sound quality and comprises 26 custom acoustic panels, including the largest Soft Cells Broadline panel ever crafted in the region. Due to its size, it required ten people to install. In addition, to ensure a seamless aesthetic, each panel incorporates 31 cut-outs, a challenging engineering feat to achieve.

Howard Wang, Founder and Partner, DESFA GROUP: “The Soft Cell panel system from Kvadrat Acoustics is a well-developed acoustic product that considers the aspects of functionality and aesthetic performance.”

DESFA GROUP created the experience in the reception area to celebrate the company’s successful past. The slightly sloping ceiling is complemented by linear lighting that creates a dynamic floating effect. The 30-metre-long main space is surrounded by a glass curtain wall on three sides, which brings in natural light and provides access to the appealing views.

Overall, the interior translates Cooler Master’s vision for products and services into a clear and flexible spatial language. This approach creates a subtly vibrant interior that integrates geometric volumes, nature, natural light, and shadows.