urselmann Interior / Sven Urselmann

Dusseldorf, Germany


The kitchen and shelves made from Textile Board

Magdalena Gruber



Circular Office Düsseldorf

Circular Office is designed according to a cradle-to-cradle school of thought of design. All the materials used in its creation – including our Textile Board – are biodegradable or upcyclable in the technical cycle or already used construction products.

The kitchen and shelves in the main room feature panels made from our Textile Board, a high-density material made from end-of-life textiles and cut-offs from Kvadrat. It is fitted into frames constructed from locally harvested Poplar wood, which features throughout the offices.

Critically, the Textile Board enabled the architects to achieve their goal of integrating in a recyclable, washable material. The material’s melamine coating provides the desired functionality.

Sven Urselmann, owner of urselmann interior: "Already in the design phase, our focus was to avoid ´ construction waste."

Textile Board is also used to create a laptop stand at the offices. In this way, the architects illuminate how accessories, as well as fixtures and furniture, can meet the principle of “nutrient means nutrient” and five core principles: Material health, Use of recyclable products, Clean air and CO2 management, Protection of water, soil and biodiversity and Social fairness.

Following the idea of urban mining, all the materials are listed in a published material passport. Some products, such as the radiators and lighting have been sourced through the building materials platform Concular. Furthermore, all the furniture is produced without adhesives.