Invit Arkitekter AS / Hotel 1904

Ålesund Norway


Felt Tile Slanted acoustic tile crafted from Textile Felt.

Felt Tile Slanted, made from our Textile Felt, has been chosen by sound absorption specialists Rom & Tonik to optimise acoustics at the Hotel 1904 in Norway. Modular in design, the tile was designed for the firm by Norwegian duo Vera & Kyte.

The hotel’s halls and spaces are characterised by high ceilings and hard surfaces, such as stone and the glass of chandeliers. This led to an acoustic challenge, particularly in social environments like “The Crystal” room, which was solved by Felt Tile Slanted.

Crafted from natural wool, Felt Tile Slanted introduces circular materials and neatly complements the aesthetics of the space. An elegant slanted acoustic tile that absorbs unwelcome soundwaves, it can be composed in a variety of strict and irregular, playful graphic rhythms.

Hotel 1904, the oldest hotel in Ålesund, was rebuilt after a fire in 1904 in the Art Nouveau style. The new interior concept, by Architect André Klevbergs, merges this tradition with the world of contemporary design. It creates an aesthetic environment where locals and travellers from across the world can meet.

Really has been chosen for our product Felt Tile Slanted because of its acoustic properties, great looks, and most of all, its low environmental footprint, due to the circular production.”

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