Høje Taastrup, Denmark


Really’s Textile Felt made from recycled uniforms are used throughout the company's headquarters.

Platform to panel

Since 2021, Danish train company DSB has recycled used company uniforms into acoustic panels made from Really’s Textile Felt. The firm has already transformed over 10 tonnes of worn clothing into elegant, long-lasting products that elevate quality of life for their employees.

As a result of this milestone initiative, DSB has made valuable progress towards the goal of recycling 90% of all waste by 2030. The business has earned a nomination for the Innovation Award at the prestigious Ernst and Young Innovation Sustainability Awards.

Before the partnership with Really began, the uniforms would have been incinerated. Now, they are given new life as acoustic panels, which support wellbeing and productivity at the company's HQ in Høje Taastrup.

Morten Terkildsen, working environment consultant and project manager: "The market for recycling large quantities of used uniforms is limited, but now we have succeeded in finding a company that, in cooperation with us, can give the materials new life."

The collaboration with Really solves fundamental tactical challenges. For instance, as the uniforms carry official logos, they cannot be offered for direct reuse. In addition, currently, there is not enough demand for used uniforms from the fashion and textile industries.

Furthermore, the project also stimulates new ideas and invites exploration of new opportunities for recycling and reducing environmental impact. Ironically, in this way, it encourages progressive thinking that is anything but uniform.