Georgina Norris

Kolding and Copenhagen, Denmark


Acoustic Art Panels crafted from Textile Felt 

Georgina Norris has created Acoustic Art Panels, which are sound-absorbing installations crafted from Textiles Felt in Wool Slate. Her concept brings a fresh perspective into the value, expression and lifespan of recycled materials.

Acoustic Art Panels are aimed at architects and designers in the fashion and textile industries. Focused on both aesthetics and function, they explore the dynamic between form, composition and colour. 

The panels bring a sensual dimension to interior spaces. As custom-made modular, interactive or site-specific installations, they invite playful connections with viewers and their surroundings.

During the research process for the concept, Georgina Norris sought to investigate the bridge between sustainability and product innovation. She analysed sources of textile waste used as input material, observed the production of Acoustic Textile Felt, and followed sustainable design methods, such as designing for disassembly and modularity.


“Really holds a unique, inspirational position by demonstrating what can be achieved from recycling textiles. The exciting emergence of materials such as Textile Felt requires further exploration as to how these can take shape in our surroundings. Working in cooperation with Really, I sought to ensure a commercially viable, high-value and long-lasting second lifetime for the material.”

Georgina Norris - Artist


Photo: Georgina Norris 

Photo: Georgina Norris