Kinzo Architekten, Berlin

Berlin, Germany


Upholstered furniture in Plot and Remix 2. Floor-to-ceiling curtains in Ray 2.

Let there be light!

Upholstery textiles Plot and Remix 2 in a variety of colours feature throughout the newly refurbished 50 Hertz headquarters. White curtains made from Ray 2 are used for floor-to-ceiling windows.

During planning, each department of the company was able to define its own working environment. Consequently, the building offers a multitude of usage concepts. Each one of these provides a different relationship between focused work, informal communication, and outdoor gardens. The textile colour palettes were chosen to match the different working environments

The interior is characterised by natural materials, such as wood. The palette predominantly consists of neutral tones but also includes bolder highlight notes, which can be seen on furniture throughout.

Designed by Kinzo Architekten, the headquarters reflects the desire to evolve the company towards a more open, dialogue-oriented and team-oriented way of working. Inside the building, individual and team work spaces are combined with spacious central zones and terraces.

50 Hertz is one of the largest power and transmissions companies in Germany. The company’s Berlin headquarters, which has an external net-like structure and inner orange cores, overlays the horizontal rhythm of the storey levels.

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