Aarhus Letbane I/S

Aarhus, Denmark


Upholstery textile: Hallingdal 65

Aarhus Letbane I/S

The seating in the carriages is upholstered with a customised Hallingdal 65, named Hallingdal Sequence Random created in close collaboration with artist duo AVPD. Though the seats appear uniformly blue each seat reveals unique details: intricate dark blue or white threads. 

We wanted a high-quality design for the seat covers, to support our image as a high-class transportation system. When the opportunity to cooperate with Kvadrat arose, we found the perfect match between classic Danish design and the chance to cooperate with a local company - which tapped further into our role of connecting East Jutland. We enjoy the results of our collaboration every time we take a look inside the trams,” Claus Rehfeld Moshøj, CEO, Aarhus Letbane I/S.

Our redesign is a three-tone composition that is a minimalist tribute to Hallingdal's historic design - which embodies the essence of the historical Nordic design concept and provides a simple, strong and honest solution for demanding design challenges.

Hallingdal Sequence Random creates a subdued and exclusive background for passengers’ journey and creates an abstract image of time, movements, occurrences and actions
,” Peter Døssing and Aslak Vibæk, AVPD.

Aarhus Letbane is Denmark’s first light rail system. Designed to be modern, fast and sustainable, the tram and tram-train service opened to the public in 2017. Currently, the Aarhus Letbane covers 107 kilometres and 50 stations. However, there are plans to extend the service further.

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