Paris, France

RemixCollineHarald and Sonar for seating and curtains crafted from Time

La Maison du Danemark

La Maison du Danemark comprises two renovated restaurants offering French-inflected Nordic menus: Flora Danica, a contemporary brasserie, and Copenhague which offers fine-dining.

Flora Danica’s sofas and chairs are upholstered with RemixColline is used on bar stools, and curtains are crafted from Time. The ambience is shaped, in part, by green textiles, botanical drawings and natural stone used for the bar. The palette for the brasserie is supplemented by grey notes, which can be seen on the herringbone floor, curtains and chairs. 

Copenhague has a more formal, intense atmosphere. Harald is utilised for chairs, Sonar for the curved bench and the curtains are made from Time. The dark blue hues of the leather chairs and textiles create a sophisticated contrast with the white ceilings and porcelain.

Designed by Danish design studio GamFratesi, both spaces unite contemporary and classical mid-century Danish design features. The furniture, lighting, cutlery, textile and decorative items are produced by Danish manufactures or selected from vintage pieces.

La Maison du Danemark is located on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

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