Joseph Dirand Architecture

Miami, U.S.A

Light curtains in Daybreak and Relax 

Surfin' U.S.A. | Four Seasons at the Surf Club

The rejuvenated Surf Club in Miami’s Surfside district features curtains made from Daybreak and Relax at the hotel residencies. They are in light, natural tones that echo the ocean-meets-sand landscape.

There is a total of 31 one- and two-bedroom residences at the Four Seasons at The Surf Club. Luxurious, light and airy, these offer on-call amenities, panoramic ocean views and interiors designed by architect Joseph Dirand.

To complement the sea views, the residencies feature textiles in moss greens and shades of white, light woods, and cream-coloured travertines. They also have custom-designed lighting that references the elegance of the art-deco and 70’s eras, as well as textured wall panelling that is subtly reminiscent of beach bungalows.

Each residence comes fully furnished with custom-pieces designed to complement the space, created by Joseph Dirand in partnership with leading design brands. The bathrooms are finished in light marble, with matching marble accessories.

The Surf Club in Miami’s Surfside district adds a new chapter to a historical site, which is synonymous with glitz and glamour. It includes an intimate 77-room hotel operated by the Four Seasons, which sits within two residential towers designed by Richard Meier.

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