Interior design
Hauser & Partner AG.

Zurich, Switzerland


Furniture upholstered with Twill Weave and Manhattan.
Curtains crafted from Dater.

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The premises of Beyer Chronometrie, purveyor of fine watches and jewellery, has been renovated using Kvadrat, Sahco and Kinnasand textiles. The business is in a listed building in Zurich, Switzerland.

A key goal for the renovation – the first in 30 years – was to increase the sales area and create a spacious lounge. To help achieve the desired relaxed, subtly luxurious atmosphere, Hauser & Partner designed custom organic furniture optimised for sales and textiles in a scale of pastel shades.

In the sales area, MANU-04 chairs are upholstered in Twill Weave. The Dandy sofa is covered in Manhattan by Sahco, and the curtains are crafted from Kinnasand’s Dater.

Other defining features of the renovated interior include the ceiling that integrates white acoustic elements, the Emperador Marble, which covers the pillars and back wall, and the smoked oak elements. As your eyes lift from the floor, colours become more pronounced, and the experience of the room becomes lighter and brighter.

Phillip Meyer, Head of Marketing, Beyer Chronometrie: “The selected textiles fit best with the other chosen materials. They look valuable and elegant.”

Beyer Chronometrie offers vintage and new timepieces, as well as jewellery. The business was founded in 1760.

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