Simon Busse and Ina Bauer

Württemberg State Library
Stuttgart, Germany


Writing tables, media modules, presentation furniture, and seating in Solid Textile Board in Cotton White. 

Simon Busse and Ina Bauer developed a sustainable exhibition concept at Württemberg State Library to celebrate the 250 years anniversary for Friedrich Hölderlin.  “Aufbrüche – Abbrüche. 250 Jahre Friedrich Hölderlin” consists of a modular set-up of walls and furniture and combines graphics, furniture design, technology and, last but not least, sustainability to create a holistic spatial experience.

The furniture is specially designed to match the dimensions of the showcases and - depending on need and function - it transforms into desks, media modules or seating.

The modules were made of Really Solid Textile Board and all furniture was assembled directly on site with specially developed connectors to make it a valuable contribution to resource-saving processing. Thanks to the choice of material as well as to the modular construction, the furniture can also be used again in subsequent exhibitions.