Collection 2019

Bringing a contemporary approach to elegant, classic interior has always been central to Sahco’s design philosophy. While keeping the elevated quality and exquisite taste that is forever associated with Sahco, the design team strives to produce timeless and elegant fabrics that appeal to a discerning clientele. For 2019, the new creative team of Design Director Anna Vilhelmine Ebbesen and Art Director Vincent van Duysen have continued this tradition with a collection of textiles that are warm, rich and soulful and that will play their own role in homes across the world.

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The six different upholstery fabrics play with texture and tactility. Irregular yarns of chenille and boucle add a tactile aspect to the surface, whilst a small graphic check in a cut and loop velvet is created by mixing mat and shiny yarns. Meanwhile a bold stripe in velvet explores either contrasting or tonal colours, allowing furniture to be as striking or discrete as you wish.

Vincent van Duysen has exclusively designed two new upholstery fabrics – Clay and Moss – that use uneven yarns in strong contrasts to create a deep and luxuriously textured surface. By using colours inspired by Duysen’s own home and the beautiful works of Belgian artist Michael Borreman, the design team brings together the worlds of art and interiors – a meeting that will continue to drive the creative direction of Sahco.

The six fabrics of the 2019 curtain collection also use texture to add a sumptuous and luxurious air. Matt and shiny surfaces interact to create beautiful floral designs while delicate linen becomes sheer in its lightness. At the other end of the scale, a bold graphic print provides a powerful statement in strong earthy colours or more muted neutral shades. The diversity of the collection, with its complex jacquards, sophisticated colour combinations and manifold surfaces offers a huge opportunity to create exciting and beautiful interiors.

Throughout the whole collection, the richness of colour adds to the sense of texture and warmth. Rich earthy tones such as rust, charcoal, clay and khaki are mixed with the deep hues of various woods and are contrasted with more intense shades of brick red, cinnamon and sage green. Multiple shades of natural white and hues of smoky grey and blue provide serenity alongside more vivid colours, resulting in a harmonious, refined palette. The combination of texture and structure further enhances the beauty of the colour palette.