We are proud to present Blue is Divine, a colourful homage to designer and painter Finn Sködt, No Man’s Land, an immersive Kvadrat/Raf Simons exhibition at Garage 21 and SCRAP AND REPRINT an installation by Rikako Nagashima.

Blue is Divine: Kvadrat Showroom

Finn Sködt’s extraordinary sense for colour and aesthetic purity underpins his long-standing collaboration with Kvadrat. Bringing together bottles of his pigments, a series of textile creations in his favourite Ultramarine blue, contrasting rolls of Divina, and the hand-painted samples he has used to record all the hues in his paintings –Blue is Divine sheds light on the artist’s painstaking methodology and the intriguing colour story behind his new palettes for Divina Melange and Campas 300.

SCRAP AND REPRINT: Kinnasand Showroom

SCRAP AND REPRINT is an installation created by graphic designer Rikako Nagashima. It displays her expressive curtain collection SCRAP_CMYK, created in collaboration with Kinnasand Lab, made out of 100% recycled polyester. This offers a series of serendipitous designs inspired by the accidental patterns on test-print paper sheets. Reflecting this, SCRAP AND REPRINT comprises large-scale curtains passing through a sequence of suspended cylinders. 

No Man’s Land: Exhibition at Garage 21

No Man’s Land, an immersive landscape that investigates the interaction between nature and the city, showcases the sixth Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection. Within the exhibition, three prefab houses designed by Jean Prouvé house a discreet environment: a seated area for visitors, a ‘home’ showing designs contemporaneous with the Prouvé structures, and a workshop presenting textiles as works in progress, allowing visitors to get hands-on acquainted with the fabrics.