Ocean bound


Sport is the world´s first upholstery textile crafted from 100% ocean bound polyester. Hence, the yarn used to produce the textile derives entirely from post-consumer plastic, collected no further than 10 km away from coastlines in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.



Sport exemplifies Kvadrat’s commitment to conscious design principles and is created in close collaboration with #tide. A Swiss-based company committed to conscious entrepreneurship and is building a global supply chain for premium second-life raw material made from ocean-bound plastic waste. 

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Sport offers sustainability benefits over other ocean-bound polyester textiles. These often incorporate plastic recovered much further from the sea – up to 50 km away - and typically integrate virgin polyester or non-ocean-bound recycled post-consumer polyester. Furthermore, as the ocean-bound polyester used for Sport is collected from water and land near water, it ensures superior yarn quality. 

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