Sustainability Advocacy


We believe it is only possible to transition to a more sustainable future through empowerment, ownership and collective global action. We strive to enable systemic change in order to support the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal 17, Partnership For The Goal. 

Sustainability must underpin everything we do. To enable this we will establish knowledge sharing and governance structures that equip our employees, suppliers and customers with the understanding to contribute to the change.


Our target


We will Empower each Change Maker across our four global networks to host two training sessions in their local teams by 2025


Our 2023 performance highlights


Launch of Production Partners Change Maker Network 

Start 2023 we launched the fourth change maker network for our production partners, which meant that, in total, 89 employees were trained in sustainability, and we held 30 workshops throughout the year. 

The Production Partners Change Maker Network is for controlled and non-controlled production partners. This group included our seven production partners and two warehouses. The network was organised around monthly workshops to discuss best practices around energy, waste and water efficiency, reduction initiatives and safe and clean production. 


Kvadrat Sustainability Report

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Equal Opportunities

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Impact Control

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