The latest addition to our HQ is a Gesamtkunstwerk building co-created by celebrated artist Thomas Demand and Caruso St John Architects: The Triple Folly. The structure follows a sculptural logic rather than a structural one, casting light on the dynamics between architecture and art.


The Triple Folly represents the latest iteration of our long-term collaboration with Thomas Demand. The journey to the conception of The Triple Folly began when Anders Byriel, our CEO, invited the German artist Thomas Demand to design a building at our headquarters. 

The building's unique design and dimensions are not a coincidence. Anders' idea when inviting Thomas was for him to design a space dedicated to an immersive conceptual artwork, and one of our first artistic collaborations: Yes But by Rosemarie Trockel.



Initially, the vision behind The Triple Folly gravitated towards the idea of tents, an archetypal textile structure. Embracing this source of inspiration, Thomas Demand investigated the history of tents and their multidimensional role in society.  Over time, the initial idea morphed into the vision of a pavilion – a variety of tents traditionally used to welcome visitors to exhibitions and other events. 



Today, The Triple Folly adds new art to the picturesque landscape around the HQ, which is already dotted with works from celebrated artists for locals and visitors to enjoy. Back in 2012, Olafur Eliasson contributed to the landscape surrounding the HQ with a unique outdoor installation: Your Glacial Expectations. Following that collaboration, in 2016, Kvadrat commissioned a new site-specific sculpture by Roman Signer, House.


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