Lavo 2

Lavo 2 is a hand crafted Persian knotted rug, which recalls reflections of light on a soft, coloured surface. Characterised by shifting colour depth, it derives its vibrancy and understated lustre from the combination
of dyeing and a double-wash finish.

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Steelcut Beat by Giulio Ridolfo

Crafted according to Conscious Design principles, Steelcut Beat is constructed from recycled yarns. Its sophisticated design, which draws on Giulio Ridolfo’s extensive history of collaborating with prestigious fashion brands, recalls fine tailoring on trench coats, and can be said to be ‘worn’ by furniture. 

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Jute and Wool

Jute and Wool – a new material composition in our rug collection – is a rug that has been designed and crafted to be responsible in the use of resources. Jute is a plant-based material that has been chosen for its
strength as well as its environmentally-friendly credentials.

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Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection 2

A variety of lifestyle accessories are offered as part of the second collection, which includes bathrobes and beach towels in inviting textures , slippers in Vidar 4, all crafted in high quality materials that suit their purpose.

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Sahco 2023 Collection

The new Sahco collection traverses the past, present, and future. A selection of drapery and upholstery textiles that play with paradox and contrasts to find beauty and balance. Exquisite and raw, super-feminine and wild, restless and relaxed, classical and radically new. Individually distinct but transcendent together. 

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