Mindful Making

Wool is an amazing product: natural, renewable, durable, and recyclable. At Kvadrat we make full use of all its qualities. But our interest in this raw material begins a long time before it is transformed into textile. 

Our woollen textiles are made out of the highest quality New Zealand wool. We source our wool from here for two reasons: Firstly, the farms here are dedicated to sustainable farming and have developed an efficient means of production that make use of traditional techniques. Secondly, they produce the most consistently high quality wool.

Good quality wool and animal welfare are closely linked to our corporate values and responsible approach to our business. We require that our wool suppliers follow our code of conduct and comply with animal welfare regulations.Therefore the production of this important raw material plays a crucial role in our culture of sustainability.

Benefits of wool

Understand the benefits of using wool including, its comfort properties, durability and ease of care with our information and guidelines. 

Being a natural fibre, woollen fibres are naturally water and soil resistant, with a surface layer that is less attractive for microbes. Wool is known to have antimicrobial properties which inhibit the growth of different kinds of microorganisms such us mould, mildew, bacteria and virus. It is important to keep wool dry as water plays a key role in the wool fibre’s relationship with microbes.

Other benefits of wool include:


Wool is comfortable, as it is soft and breathable. Thanks to its insulating properties and ability to absorb moisture, wool is suitable for both cold and hot climates.

Hard wearing

Woollen textiles can withstand a high degree of wear and have very little tendency to crease. Wool ages with grace, due to its excellent abrasion resistance and high elasticity.

Dirt repellent

Wool resists dirt to a greater extent than other types of fibres. Wool has a water-repelling surface and permits spills to be wiped off before permanent staining occurs.

Flame retardant

Wool has a high ignition temperature. It neither drips nor melts, but chars. If a glowing ember from a match is dropped on it, there will only be a singed mark, which can typically be brushed off.