It Has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Gray Moon by Ulla von Brandenburg

Kunsthal Aarhus, Arhus, 2017


As part of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, Kunsthal Aarhus collaborated with Kvadrat to host the first solo exhibition in Denmark by acclaimed German artist Ulla von Brandenburg.

Acclaimed for his unique style of bringing together images, architecture and installations, the work of German artist Ulla von Brandenburg delves into the relationship between people and various levels of collective consciousness. The title of the solo exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus was taken from her latest work, "It Has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Gray Moon (2016)," sponsored by Kvadrat for the European Capital for Culture Aarhus 2017. It is a reconstructed consignment exhibition.

Viewers are drawn to the world of artists created by both reality and fantasy, with themes that spread in front of them centering on colors, ceremonies, movements, and textiles. It invites you to a world where reality and illusion, past and present, and installation and performance overlap.