At Kvadrat Really, we upcycle end-of-life textiles into premium-quality engineered materials suitable for interior and industrial-scale projects: Textile Tabletop™, Textile Board and Textile Felt. Fashion brands, designers and architects use these to create beautiful furniture and interiors, challenge convention and inspire collaborations.

Produced on-site in Denmark, our materials underline that the notion of ‘waste’ is, in itself, a waste. Cutting-edge, they revitalise end-of-life textiles into a viable material, which can be recycled again and again.

Textile Tabletop™, Textile Board and Textile Felt show that circular design exists beyond ambition and is a powerful reality today. They provide an elegant solution to a pressing problem: currently, only 25% of the 95% of textiles that can be recycled actually are.

Critically, it’s not just our materials themselves that challenge conventional thinking; it’s also the process of working with them. As they act as a creative palette, exploring their use inevitably reveals opportunities for circular collaboration and design.

These sparks of insight provoke our partners to re-consider the relationship they have with resources and suppliers. The new thinking this brings goes towards reshaping the spaces where we lead our lives, from boutiques to offices.

As a result, the momentum towards a more circular world gathers pace. And we get ever-closer to our goal of a completely waste-free solution.

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