Textile Felt

Textile Felt is an innovative acoustic material. Ideal for ceilings and wall installations, it features a pioneering bi-component fibre.

Textile Felt expresses hints of the many recycled textiles used in its creation process. A rich scale of fabric fibres and tones emerges from its subtly structured surface.

All our products come with a standard warranty of 5 years.

Textile Felt Tile Patch by Rom & Tonik

Textile Felt Tile Slanted by Rom & Tonik


Textile Felt is made from 70% post-production ‘waste’ textile and 30% thermoplastic binder.

The recycled post-production input material used to craft Textile Felt includes waste from Kvadrat's own production.

The material is available in Wool Natural and Wool Slate. Please note, minor colour variations may occur.

Wool Natural

Wool Slate

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