London, United Kingdom

Architecture and design
Maich Swift Architects Ltd


Textile Board in Cotton White and Cotton Blue

Located at the Burlington Arcade in Mayfair, London, accessories designer Sophie Hulme’s pop-up shop draws inspiration from the peculiar domestic atmosphere of boutiques. The design and materials for the interior have been carefully selected based on their natural and renewable properties and suppliers who can verify a sustainable and environmental friendly production.

Textile Board in Cotton White and Cotton Blue has been used for the display shelves and freestanding furniture in the shop. The material was chosen as an alternative to standard sheet material for the furniture because of the unique surface quality of the milled textiles, used as decorative finish.

Characterised by the forms of everyday objects and inventive surface treatments, the work to the interior is easy to dismantle, recycle and reuse, reflecting a responsible design approach.

Photography by David Grandorge, by courtesy of Maich Swift Architects Ltd.