Beijing, China


Display stands and decorative elements made of Textile Board
Mobile changing room constructed from a patchwork of Kvadrat textile samples

ENKORE's retail space in Beijing embodies the brand's vision of bridging fashion and a recyclable lifestyle. The dreamy, salon-like store incorporates a scale of circular, recycled, and natural materials, including elements constructed from Textile Board and a mobile changing room crafted from samples of Kvadrat textiles.

The Textile Board, designed for circularity and made from end-of-life textiles, is crafted into lotus root-shaped display stands. The architects used the leftover material to create decorative pieces, avoiding any waste. Together, these components follow the interior concept named "Seeds and Cycling."

More than 100 samples of Kvadrat textiles are woven together to form a sculptural changing room that adds vitality and tenderness to the atmosphere at the store. The patchwork colours match the tones of seeds, which act as a signature motif throughout the interior.

The store's other defining features include recycled wooden floors from old houses, a seed wall on the second floor, and an integrated LED soft lighting system. Located in the core of Beijing's commercial district, the light-filled space includes a dressing room, a VIP room, and a make-up room, which unite to offer a complete off-line brand experience.