Anne Boysen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Autumn 2021

Boysen used Textile Board in Cotton White and Cotton Blue.

By using a simple, dynamic and attractive shape, Anne Boysen has given Kvadrat Really Melamine a new life with inspiration from the world of architecture.
"This is Really Module" is a 360-degree view of the material, which will appeal to architects, designers and manufacturers with a natural interest in lines and shapes.
The modular design functions as a living materials library in Kvadrat's showroom, and builds on the sustainability narrative by presenting new ways of thinking about construction and recycling. 
A living materials library
The materials library consists of three modules that are put together in a sculptural and interactive arrangement with built-in functionality in the form of a tabletop, drawer and shelf space. At first glance, the style may seem very simple, but on closer inspection it gives a fine insight into Really's unique qualities. 
The materials library invites visitors to the showroom to examine and experience Really's strength and properties, and find inspiration on how to use and process the new textile sheets with a melanin surface. 
"In a simple, geometric form, the modules present the multiple processing options available, where Really is particularly suitable for anything from  cabinets and folded constructions to shelves and table tops. My mantra is to make the complex simple and playful.” – Anne Boysen, Architect 
Some of the techniques used in the modular design include cutting on circular saws, machining on CNC and unbroken fibre joints, while contrasting edges are integrated as a graphic and eye-catching element. Whatever angle you view the sculptural arrangement from, you'll see new and interesting spaces form. The volumes are part of a common form of dependence and cohesion, which can be both in balance and dynamic - inviting you to  play and immerse yourself in Kvadrat Really.
A flexible and sustainable design
In her capacity as an architect and designer, Anne Boysen is deeply fascinated by materials and their unique properties, their history and aesthetics, just as the circular-cycle idea behind Really is reflected in the modular design. 
In order to achieve optimal utilisation and avoid unnecessary waste, the size of the modules is adapted to the size of the sheets – without compromising on usability in the final design – just as the modules can be reused on new melamine sheets and thus continue to be a resource in a circular cycle. 
The design also allows for great flexibility. The modules can be put together crosswise and expanded in countless ways, ranging from smaller units to sculptural room dividers in shops or office landscapes. You can also alternate between commercial and functional use and a more artistic staging. The common denominator is the modular, flexible, spacious and playful concept combined in a sustainable design, all of which conveys the very essence of Kvadrat Really.
About Anne Boysen
Anne Boysen is a qualified architect and furniture designer. She established Anne Boysen Studio in 2012 and works in the crossfield between design, art and architecture – with a penchant for investigating materials in depth and exploiting their potential for aesthetic experiences. Anne Boysen's mission is to make the complex simple and accessible through designs that move people and go far beyond form and function.