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Magniberg redefines the boundaries of nighttime fashion and interior design, crafting collections that are steeped in cultural references, imagination and emotional aesthetics. Magniberg aims to transform interior design into a seamless extension and expression of individual styles and personalities, by combining materials, textures, and colours.

Distinguished for its intriguing collections that artfully combine sophistication with allure, Magniberg encapsulates the spirit of modern luxury.
Each Magniberg piece is timeless, both in construction and in flair. The colours endure beyond fads and seasons, and recombining them lets us tell endless stories.
From classic neutrals and energizing hues to striking patterns, Magniberg provides endless possibilities to create uniqueness in every home.

Established in 2016, Magniberg began its journey as a bedwear brand with a multilateral approach. Co-founded by Bengt Thornefors and Nina Norgren, Magniberg is a place where innovation, cultural influences, emotional aesthetics, and fashion converge to enhance interior design. However, Magniberg transcends the realm of crafting bedding alone.

Throughout the years, Magniberg has expanded beyond bedding to a distinctive niche including home accessories, bathroom accessories and more. Magniberg prioritizes craftsmanship and insists on only sourcing the highest quality fabrics. Since 2019, Magniberg has been part of the Kvadrat family.