Product description


  • 燃焼試験 EN 13501-1 Bfl-s1 • ASTM D 2859/CPSC FF 1-70/FF 2-70, 16 CFR 1630
  • 耐光性 {{site.selectedConfiguration.lightFastness}}
  • 製造国 : India
  • 製造方法 : Hand woven
  • Colour differences will occur due to the high content of natural coloured wool
  • Rug underlay recommended
  • Round or odd shape not possible
  • Random colour placement, irregular weaving structure and weaving density due to hand crafted and uneven texture of the yarn
  • Wool slivers might occur on the surface due to the nature of the yarn
  • Uneven loom binding due to the nature of the yarn
  • Due to hand carding the yarn might contain vegetal fibres
  • 保証 : 2 年
  • 製造時間: 10 – 13週間

Technicolour by Peter Saville

The celebrated collaboration between Kvadrat and Peter Saville opens a sensorial, thoughtful new chapter with the launch of Technicolour – a craft-orientated, sculptural collection that visually and haptically translates the industrial processes in textile production.  The name relates to the spectrum of bold hues commonly used to mark flocks of sheep that are spectacularly incongruous in pastoral settings.

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  • Stain removal RUG

  • Regular care RUG